Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Man, you crazier than a fish with titties if you think I’m gonna let you smoke that shit in my car

That's probably my favorite line from R Kelly's new set of Trapped in the Closet videos..

check 'em here...

I highly reccomend from :55 seconds through 1:05 in chapter 15... amazing... Kelly is singing like 3 different voices at once... radical.

(what mtv says):...

R. Kelly's "Trapped in the Closet" musical soap opera resumed on Monday (August 13) with the release of the first of 10 new chapters in the ongoing series.

Available on the Independent Film Channel's Web site, the new chapter is accompanied by a recap of the first 12 chapters (containing obscenity-loaded new verses and footage of Kelly superimposed into the scenes) and a 30-second preview of the coming ones.

To ease viewers back into the story, the 4-plus-minute-long Chapter 13 features more comic (and foul-mouthed) banter than startling revelations, focusing on Sylvester and his brother-in-law Twan driving to a secret location to meet a mystery woman who has some info Sylvester is interested in; he's bringing Twan along to watch his back. Twan wants to smoke some marijuana on the way but Sylvester forbids it, saying Twan is "crazier than a fish with [human female body parts]."

Kelly pops up later in Chapter 13 as Randolph: the white-afro-sporting, pot-bellied, grumpy husband of Rosie the Nosy Neighbor. He chastises his wife for spying and says he wishes a bird would defecate on her face. She clowns him for not, er, rising to the occasion for five years — it's marital bliss at its most unvarnished!

Back in the car, Sylvester and Twan pull up to the meeting place. The episode fades out with Twan having waited in the car with no word from Sylvester for an hour.

IFC will roll out a new chapter a day for the next nine days — all leading up to the release of a DVD containing the 10 new chapters on August 21.

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