Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Usher's Love In This Club...

...performed by the Show Biz Pizza Band...

... apparently these people actually programmed the animatronic animals... RAD!!!

(2:30 is particularly awesome...)

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Boba Fett... dope.

So many of you know Boba Fett... the dude from Star Wars...

But as of late he's turned into an inspiration for fashion... just this past week I got these Nike Dunks that used the Boba Fett colors as inspiration...

then this evening I stumbled into this hoody (Marc Ecko), that looks like a must-have for any self respecting Star Wars fan...

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Woman has sex with man who dies, robs him, has sex with 22 other men, then is arrested.

WEST MELBOURNE, Fla. -- It was a creepy end to a one-night stand. A woman had sex with a man and then fell asleep with him in West Melbourne. Sometime in the night the man died and, instead of calling police, she stole stuff out of his house.

"I closed the bedroom door and never went back in. I just thought he was sleeping. You know, some people when they drink quite a bit they sleep quite a bit. I didn't think anything of it," Lynne Stewart told Eyewitness News.
Stewart, 44, was the last person to see Lawrence Wetzler alive. She claims they were drinking last Thursday night at his apartment in West Melbourne, that they had sex and, when she got up to leave, she didn't realize he was dead and robbed him.
"I thought he passed out, went to sleep or something and I'm a crack addict and I stole some things from him," she said.

Stewart admits to stealing his truck, his guitars and other items and never reported anything wrong with him to authorities.
"You had nothing to do with his death?" WFTV reporter Kevin Oliver asked Stewart.
"No," she said.
The preliminary autopsy showed he died of natural causes, but police said Stewart went back to his home and stole more items even after his body was removed, a crime she denies.
"I went back to see my girlfriend and noticed the crime scene tape and I didn't go back in," she told Eyewitness News.
Police said she not only stole from a dead man, but pawned his items off for more crack and then had sex with 22 men before she was arrested.
Stewart told Eyewitness News she may have been "high" when she told police that, but now says it's not true. She said she expects to get prison time for crimes, but is hoping she will end up in rehab.
Eyewitness News spoke with Wetzler's brother and sister, who said they have a hard time believing anything Stewart had to say.