Sunday, August 31, 2008

Palin's youngest son is actually a grandson...

So the rumor is Sarah Palin (the potential VP, with the 5 kids with retarded names and a retarded 5th child (Trig, joining Track, Bristol, Piper and Willow) faked the birth of child #5, covering up for her daughter, Bristol. SUPPOSEDLY Bristol was out of school with a horrible case of mono (MOM-O???) for the 4+ months leading up to (grand?) mommy Sarah giving birth...'s a pic of Palin from Super Tuesday, 1 month before the supposed birth.... does this look like a chick that's 8 months pregnant...

...and here's one of the family... with Bristol with a slight baby bump... and it looks like a boyfriend may have proposed before mommy put the kibosh on the entire thing...

...Best of all, apparently since these rumors have begun circulating, the Alaska Department of State has taken down all photos of the governor and her family from the state's website; IF THERE'S NOTHING TO HIDE!?!?... here's another one of baby bumper...

...and these pics from don't help the case much...

In this first one, along comes Sarah to the room backstage, after she's been shaking everyone's hands, etc. (HOPE SHE WASHED HER HANDS!)

In these next few you can see the jealousy in Bristol's eyes as Sarah holds Trig...

Nervous uneasy giggle... (YES. We know your secret Bristol...)

In this final one, Bristol totally is shooting a glare at McCain, like, "thanks a lot asshole, now everyone's going to find out the truth..."

I also wanted to add this final one, because it shows off Sarah's kankles, and once again, Bristol is clutching that damn baby... there was only one shot of Willow (the 13 year old) holding the baby and it was a photo in which Bristol (who was less than a foot away) was cropped out...

So finishing up, supposedly Palin decided to take an 8 hour flight from Dallas, TX to Alaska while in her final month of pregnancy, after her contractions had started... I don't know about you but I am calling Bullshit up, down, left and right on this one... at least she's a pro-lifer who's actually pro life though; I mean she could have botched her eldest daughter's down syndrome birth all together...

Thursday, August 28, 2008


DHAKA (AFP) - A baby boy born with two heads in southwestern Bangladesh died after his parents decided to take him home because they could not afford adequate medical care, a doctor said Thursday.

The boy, named Kiron, was born Monday by Cesarean section and died at home late Wednesday after developing a fever and breathing difficulties, paediatrician KS Alam told AFP.

Kiron had attracted such attention that 150,000 people gathered at the clinic where he was cared for after his birth in Keshobpur, 135 kilometres (85 miles) from the capital Dhaka.

Police were called in to control the crowds and Kiron was transferred to a hospital in nearby Jessore city.

But his parents decided, against doctors' advice, to take him home, Alam said.

"We wanted to refer him to a hospital in Dhaka but the family was so poor that they could not afford to take him there, so they took him home where he died," Alam said.

"It was a very unusual case. The boy had one body but two complete heads."

He weighed 5.5 kilogrammes (12 pounds 1 ounce) at birth.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Dr. Dead-ray...

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - The 20-year-old son of Grammy award-winning rapper and producer Dr. Dre was found dead over the weekend at his home in Woodland Hills, California, according to the Los Angeles County coroner's office.

Andre Young Jr. was out with friends Friday night and his mother later found him "unresponsive in bed" when she tried to wake him early Saturday morning, coroner's spokesman Ed Winter told Reuters. She immediately called paramedics, who later pronounced Young dead at the scene.

"Dr. Dre is mourning the loss of his son Andre Young Jr. Please respect his family's grief and privacy at this time," said a statement released by his spokeswoman.

An autopsy was conducted and the cause of death is still pending toxicology and other tests, which may take six weeks or more, Winter said.

Dr. Dre, whose real name is Andre Young, rose to stardom in the 1980's with rap group N.W.A's controversial gangster rap album "Straight Outta Compton." Dr. Dre later went on to produce and perform solo, winning a Grammy award in 1992 for "The Chronic" album's single "Let Me Ride."

He founded both Death Row Records and Aftermath Records and is recognized for bringing many rap phenoms into the mainstream, including Eminem, Snoop Dogg and 50 Cent.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Shoot The Moon

Fort Hays State University has fired its debate coach for losing his temper at a tournament, engaging in a videotaped shouting match that included pulling down his shorts to expose his underwear.

University President Edward H. Hammond also announced Friday that the school was immediately suspending its debate program until problems are addressed at the national level. He said it was important to take a stand against the declining standards of college debate.

The argument between Fort Hays State debate coach William Shanahan and another coach following a tournament match at Cross Examination Debate Association event at Wichita State University in March received nationwide attention after it was posted on YouTube on Aug. 2.

Shanahan told The Associated Press in a telephone interview on Friday that while his reasoning might seem convoluted, he argued with the other coach because he respected her and her opinions.

"Obviously it got out of control, but to be honest I thought I was in a safe house," Shanahan said. "I thought I was part of a community that handled its problems internally and that recognized the dangers of exposing ourselves — no pun intended — to the rest of the country."

Hammond said no one from the tournament staff notified university officials about the incident until it was posted on YouTube. Shanahan, an assistant professor of communication studies, taught at the university for 10 years but did not have tenure. He led the university's debate team to a national championship in 2002.

"Everyone has the right to freedom of speech, but these actions are not acceptable for someone who is representing our university," Hammond said in a written statement.

Saturday, August 16, 2008


NEW YORK - Pigeons come in many shades in New York City — but purple is typically not one of them.

That's why animal lover Joe Mora was stunned when he saw a pigeon at a Queens playground that had been painted a violet hue.

The pigeon was taken Friday to licensed wildlife rehabilitator Bobby Horvath. He said the bird is unable to fly because the feathers are completely rigid from the paint. But he says the animal is lucky its mouth or eyes didn't get stained.

American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals spokesman Joseph Pentangelo says if the bird was intentionally painted it "certainly" qualifies as animal cruelty.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Why So Ridiculous?

CENTREVILLE, Mich. - A man accused of trying to steal a large Batman movie poster from a cinema lobby while dressed as the Joker has pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge of malicious destruction of property.

Twenty-year-old Spencer Taylor entered the plea Wednesday in St. Joseph County District Court.

A judge ordered him to serve one day in jail, perform 16 hours of community service and pay $685 in fines.

Charges of attempted larceny in a building and using a mask to conceal his identity during the commission of a crime were dismissed as part of Taylor's plea agreement.

Three Rivers police say he was wearing a purple suit, green wig and face paint when they arrested him on July 27.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Scarred Is A Parody Of Itself...

I fucking love the host! What. A. Joke.

Saturday, August 9, 2008


MADRID (Reuters) - A one euro coin has turned up in Spain bearing the face of cartoon couch potato Homer Simpson instead of that of the country's king, a sweetshop owner told Reuters on Friday.

Jose Martinez was counting the cash in his till in the city of Aviles, northern Spain, when he came across the coin where Homer's bald head, big eyes and big nose had replaced the serious features of King Juan Carlos.

"The coin must have been done by a professional, the work is impressive," he told Reuters.

The comical carver had not taken his tools to the other side of the coin displaying the map of Europe. So far, no other coins of the hapless, beer-swilling oaf have been found in circulation.

"I've been offered 20 euros for it," said Martinez.

Friday, August 8, 2008

WTF: Dumb Criminals...

ST. PAUL - St. Paul police followed a trail of Cheetos in order to nab three teenagers suspected of burglarizing a vending machine. Officers were called to the Arlington Recreation Center on July 29, where they found a vending machine's glass had been broken with a chair.

Most of the candy and chips were missing, according to a criminal complaint in Ramsey County District Court.

The officers followed the orange, dusty trail from the rec center, around the side of the building and to a nearby home. Inside, they found numerous vending-sized bags of Cheetos and other snacks.

Police arrested three males aged 17, 18 and 19 who soon arrived at the home by car. The two adults are charged with third-degree burglary, while the 17-year-old is charged with criminal damage to property.

All three denied being involved, the complaint says.

Monday, August 4, 2008

WTF: Dumb Criminals...

SALINAS, Calif. -

A pickup truck thief lost his purloined Chevy Silverado to an armed carjacker during a 7-Eleven stop. Police Cmdr. Kelly McMillin said "you couldn't make up something stranger than this."

A 33-year-old man told police he stole the pickup Saturday then, while sitting outside a convenience store, a man with a gun hopped in and ordered him to start driving.

The pickup ran out of gas and the gunman ordered him to get out and push, but the man managed to run away and call police.

Police spotted the pickup on Sunday and the gunman was arrested after a brief chase and crash.